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ΤAVROS is a Hellenic company dealing with the collection, packaging, and distribution of honey.  

The inspiration for the Company’s creation was established many years ago, when its founder, George Bokas, was a pilot in the Hellenic Air Forces and afterwards in Civil Aviation, in VIP flights. During that time, he ascertained that a certain part of consumers will always search for authentic flavors and high-quality organic products. His subsequent experience as a General Manager to a Food Stores chain, confirmed this belief. 

His daughter, Vassiliki-Ioanna with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and MSc & PhD in Pharmacognosy and Natural Products Chemistry from the School of Pharmacy at National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, aided that inspiration. 

Following many years of training, studies and detailed planning, the whole project became a reality in July 2014 by the establishment of the first apiary. Today the company owns 3 permanent organically certificated apiaries. 

The fine organic honey, is collected from the unique flora of the wider central Hellas and Ionian Islands, which are included in the NATURA 2000 network, far away from any urban areas.

The organic honey harvested from TAVROS, is considered to be one of the best in the world due to the biodiversity of the flora and the natural coexistence of tree vegetation in combination with a multitude of wild flowers, aromatic plants, and herbs, the particular climate conditions and the long sunshine of the area.

After harvesting, the honey is carefully filtered and stored directly into suitable containers. It is raw and unprocessed honey.

  • Our honey mainly originates in mountainous areas, away from cultivations.
  • Minimum amount of smoke usage.
  • Harvest takes place only after the honey has completely matured.
  • Zero heat treatment.
  • Long clarification in tanks for plenty of days prior to storage.
  • Packaging without heat treatment distortion, under the conditions of ISO 22000.
Συσκευαστήριο Tavros

This honey type is a product of a Single crop!

Its specificness and uniqueness is the reason for its limited production.

High quality and reliability. Scientific and fully technically handling of bees’ swarm!

Selection of unique virgin areas for the honey collection, within the NATURA 2000 network, as well as completely natural processing!


After harvesting, the honey is carefully filtered and stored directly into suitable containers. It is packaged without being distorted by heat treatment, under the conditions of ISO 22000.


The aim of TAVROS

The aim of TAVROS is to supply completely organic and natural, unadulterated and pure honey, just as nature and bees provide us.

The scientific and fully technically handling of bees’ swarm, the selection of unique virgin areas for the honey collection, within the NATURA 2000 network, as well as the completely natural processing of the products, guarantee over time high quality and reliability.


The TAVROS logo is the head of the Knossos bull projected through a bee cell.
The bull, this unpredictable and therefore mysterious animal with great power and deep flat gaze, which caused storms, dominated the swamps, and lifted the people on its horns, contributed to the creation of numerous symbols and ceremonies.
Its hair reminds the calm dark surface of lakes’ water. Its erotic potential is proverbial.
The bull turns suddenly against its target and rushes in blind. Its horns look like thunderbolts. The earth at its step echoes as if a storm had broken out in the mountains. Its red eyes and growl remind the cloudy sky before the storm. Therefore, the bull was connected and embodied the gods of the mountains. People addressed thanks to the sky by scarifying, in its honor, their most precious possession: a bull. With the sacrifice, they hoped to prevent the displeasure of the divine bull, which could destroy everything in its pass. Moreover, this reproductive animal was also scarified to irrigate the earth with its blood. In fact, when the bulls died, they were buried in fields, to give life and fertilize the land.
From ancient times the bull symbolizes power, fertility, and creation, and the bee is associated with the primordial generative forces of Nature.
Moreover, in the area of Knossos, it was discovered a sign, of thousands of years ago, with the following inscription “Πάσι Θεοίς Μέλι Αμφορεύς’’

An ancient insciption in Knossos-Crete that means: An amphora with honey offered to all Gods”.
This inscription demonstrates the importance of honey in humans’ life since the ancient times where history come across with mythology.

TAVROS bio logo