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BIOLMIEL 2021 2022 awards

A whole mountain in a jar…

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ΤAVROS is a Hellenic company dealing with the collection, packaging, and disposal of organic honey. The fine organic honey, is collected from the unique flora of the wider central Hellas and Ionian Islands, which are included in the NATURA 2000 network, far away from any urban areas.

The aim of TAVROS is the production of completely organic and natural, unadulterated and pure honey, just as nature and bees provide us.

Κυψέλη με μέλισσες

The bee, the honey, the pollen

Honey, is the food product of honey bees from flower’s nectar (flower honey), or from the honeydew secretions from plants and trees(honeydew honey), which they collect, process and mix with their own special substances and mature in the hive’s honeycomb.

Our Honey

BIOLMIEL 2021 2022 awards

Awarded with the Gold and Silver Medal by BIOLMIEL International Organic Honey Competition


It is the richest honey in antioxidants and is characterized as a honey of exceptional nutritional value.  Research conducted by the Laboratory of Apiculture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki showed the highest antioxidant activity of oak, chestnut and heather honey. These kinds of honeys, which are the main components of the organic “Wild Forest” honey of TAVROS, presents comparatively higher biological value, even against(even more than) Manuka honey, which is based on the high antioxidant activity and the total phenols that they contain.

This honey type is a product of a Single crop!

Its specificness and uniqueness is the reason for its limited production.