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Organic Honey
“Wild Forest”

Wild Forest with box honey with BIOLMIEL

Multifloral organic honey

A whole mountain in a jar…

The multifloral honey produced by TAVROS is the Organic “Wild Forest” Honey.

It comes from a wide variety of nectar and honeydew.

The swarms are permanently installed in suitable areas within the NATURA 2000 network, leaving the bees in the process of homogenizing the honey inside the hive. Harvesting takes place after the last flowering. Its taste and aroma are an amazing combination of wildflowers, wild herbs, and aromatic plants. Its color varies depending on its plant origin.

Its biological value is high, because it combines the characteristics of more than one type of honey, due to the biodiversity of the flora and the natural coexistence of tree vegetation in combination with a multitude of wild flowers, aromatic plants, and herbs.

TAVROS specializes solely in the Organic Honey “Wild Forest” harvest due to the fact that it constitutes the culmination of all the other honey types available in nature.


BIOLMIEL 2021 2022 awards

Awarded with the Gold and Silver Medal by BIOLMIEL International Organic Honey Competition

This honey type is a product of a Single crop!

Its specificness and uniqueness is the reason for its limited production.